Michael Pierce

Senior Software Engineer


I'm a senior software engineer who's been working in the industry for over 12 years. I'm building the best marketing tools available in a variety of languages. I've managed projects as well as worked on both the front & back end systems.


An avid tech geek, I enjoy learning new technology and keeping up with current development trends. One of my biggest passions is motorsport but I also like to keep fit by playing football and going to the gym.


To develop software that helps people in both their personal and work lives while also continuing to advance my knowledge in all aspects of the tech industry.


Drag & Drop HTML Editor

I was the sole developer on a drag & drop HTML editor that was built from the ground up. The brief was to essentially make our old WYSIWYG editor obsolete while keeping things as simple as possible. We needed it to be flexible so users could create a multitude of different designs. For this reason, it was built on a series of HTML templates that could be added by members of the team. Initially, it was aimed at building emails but it had the ability to support a multitude of different designs, so future versions allowed the creation of landing zones and form captures. Later on in its development, more members of the team were brought in. However, I continued to be the development lead and helped plan product features and releases. Our old WYSIWYG editor was the main cause for support tickets on our business. Since the release of the editor we have a seen a drastic reduction in design tickets. It grew to be one of our most used products in the suite.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On was a collaborative effort amongst our team. The aim was to unify the login process across our suite of 6 products (which grew to about 9). Security was a very big focus and I added options for 2 factor authentication as well as other enhanced security systems. The product also allowed unified API access to our suite. This meant our customers could integrate with SSO using OAuth and they would then be able to gain API access to each product. SSO included additional admin controls for our internal teams, as well as the ability for our resellers to easily manage their accounts. I implemented Unit testing so that we could maintain good security practices on every release. Performance was key, so I made sure our code and practices kept things as efficient as possible.


Mail was the oldest but most used product in our entire suite. It enabled sending email campaigns to millions of people and tracking of the results. I helped design and maintain the product over many years. This involved multiple redesigns of the product, to enable better cross browser support and to keep up with modern standards. I helped fix crucial performance issues whilst keeping the product traffic encrypted and secure. I also helped code various new features into the email sending systems (things such as strongly typed merge fields). Groups were generated using a complex rules system and SQL; I helped re-design this screen to be easy to use and more performant. CSV Importing, Email Sending, Email HTML Design, complex SQL, Marketing Strategies and more; were all things i got to work on while working on this project.

Safety Devices

Developing critical systems to receive, store and report messages from various types of personal safety device. These devices would be used to raise incidents for people in need of assistance. This would potentially be followed up by emergency services, depending on the incident raised. I was responsible for creating multiple high reliability services that would ensure fast, reliable and lossless delivery of the device messages to our other systems. These services were designed so that if a catastrophic failure occurred, we would still receive the messages and potentially react on them.

As well as the above device messaging, I was also responsible for creating and maintaining an in-house website that would allow us to remotely configure these devices. The website would communicate with the devices, via TCP or SMS, and allow our internal staff to configure or to monitor them for issues. This was used for both devices out in the field, and devices that were newly being configured in-house. It was praised by our internal teams as it saved them a lot of time and was far easier to understand. This enabled them to train new staff much more efficiently. It communicated with the above messaging services to allow debugging and monitoring of the devices and systems.

Other Projects

Outside of my professional career, I helped many people and businesses build websites or tools to better support them. MTD was a gym & personal training facility; I designed a website from the ground up, with a brief from the director. One of their aims was to get to the top of the google results in the local area, I helped them achieve this. After a few months, the company branched into new territory and we launched a brand new website that had different portals for fitness, nutrition and boxing. I also wrote a custom blog system so that they could market their brand easier.

Woodruffe Stables is a small Equine Centre in Surrey. Although they liked the design of their existing website, they needed advanced features like being able to add events, or show availabilities of various staff members. I helped improve on their existing, static HTML website and bring it to a point where they could easily add the information they required.

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